Creating health is not just about curing disease, but about preventative wellness.


Our clinic is driven by the philosophy that any medical experience is about getting well and should be experienced as a communicative process.  It should also be a collaboration between all the people involved in your treatment(s).

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“Really, it doesn’t hurt – it feels good?!”

A colleague answers this question like this (and we thought it too good not to repeat).  Jean-Paul Thuot, a Chinese speaking, Canadian acupuncturist, and all around wiseguy about Taiwan says that acupuncture is nowhere near as painful as:

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Treatable Conditions

We treat acute to chronic conditions ranging from Asthma, Allergies, and the Common Cold to IBS, Fertility, Autoimmune and Pain Management.  But, Chinese Medicine is as much about preventative care as it is about treatment of existing conditions.

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